Pak Choi (Chinese Cabbage) 300 Seeds, new 2018, best price $5.89 - Photo, review

Pak Choi (Chinese Cabbage) 300 Seeds, new 2018, best price $5.89 review

Pak Choi (Chinese Cabbage) 300 Seeds Photo, new 2018, best price $5.89 review

Pak Choi (Chinese Cabbage) 300 Seeds Photo

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Pak Choi (Chinese Cabbage) 300 Seeds description and characteristics:

Pak Choy also known as bok choy is a spring or fall crop plant, it is tasty and is known to have essential nutrients. Chinese cabbage is great in many dishes and has become a popular side dish as well as an addition to a main course.
  • Can Be Spring or Fall Planted
  • Excellent Source of Vitamins
  • Variety of Uses
  • 300 Seeds Per Packet

Pak Choi (Chinese Cabbage) 300 Seeds, new 2018, best price $5.89 review

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