Cucumber, Heirloom Armenian, new 2018, best price $2.79 - Photo, review

Cucumber, Heirloom Armenian, new 2018, best price $2.79 review

Cucumber, Heirloom Armenian Photo, new 2018, best price $2.79 review

Cucumber, Heirloom Armenian Photo

$2.79 buy now!

Cucumber, Heirloom Armenian description and characteristics:

These distinctive bitter- free heirlooms have creamy, pale-green, long, ridged fruits with a crisp, juicy texture and need no peeling. Heavy yielders thrive in hot summer areas. a.k.a. Yard-long Cucumbers.
  • Creamy, Pale-Green, Long, Ridged Fruits
  • Crisp, Juicy Texture
  • Need No Peeling.
  • Heavy Yielders Thrive in Hot Summer Areas
  • a.k.a. Yard-Long Cucumbers

Cucumber, Heirloom Armenian, new 2018, best price $2.79 review

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