Japanese Cucumber - Sooyow Nishiki, new 2018, best price $6.97 - Photo, review

Japanese Cucumber - Sooyow Nishiki, new 2018, best price $6.97 review

Japanese Cucumber - Sooyow Nishiki Photo, new 2018, best price $6.97 review

Japanese Cucumber - Sooyow Nishiki Photo

$6.97 buy now!

Japanese Cucumber - Sooyow Nishiki description and characteristics:

This open pollinated sooyow type cucumber is easy to grow and heat tolerant. The skin is dark green with defined ridges and fine white spines that are easily removed by washing. It doesn't need peeling. The fruit has sweet and very crisp flesh. It has a monoecious flowering habit (plant produces both male and female flowers.) It produces more female flowers on the secondary and tertiary vines, so that's where most of the fruit will be harvested.
  • Start your own Asian vegetable garden.
  • Planting and growing information is provided on the seed packets.
  • Seed is untreated. Kitazawa Seed Company does not sell GMO seeds and has signed the Safe Seed Pledge developed by The Council for Responsible Genetics.
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Japanese Cucumber - Sooyow Nishiki, new 2018, best price $6.97 review

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