Eggplant - Asian Trio Seeds, new 2018, best price $2.99 - Photo, review

Eggplant - Asian Trio Seeds, new 2018, best price $2.99 review

Eggplant - Asian Trio Seeds Photo, new 2018, best price $2.99 review

Eggplant - Asian Trio Seeds Photo

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Eggplant - Asian Trio Seeds description and characteristics:

Our mixed seed packet offers an easy way to grow the three best varieties of hybrid Asian eggplants. Their glossy, tender skins enclose succulent, creamy smooth flesh, that is never bitter and easy to quickly slice and cook. These beauties are borne in abundance with multiple clusters of slender, elongated fruits on well-branched, extra-early plants. Seeds are color coded with USDA food grade stain to distinguish varieties; make sure to plant some of each. Yellow seed =Asian Bride magenta eggplant Green seed = Charming white eggplant Pink seed = Farmer's Long purple eggplant
  • 3 Different Slender Asian Eggplants
  • Color-Coded Seeds
  • Vivid Dark Purple, Magenta and Lavender/White
  • Creamy and Smooth Tasting
  • Extra Early Fruits

Eggplant - Asian Trio Seeds, new 2018, best price $2.99 review

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