EcoSMART Lush Lawns Organic Lawn Food, Best Natural Fertilizer, 15 lb, new 2018, best price $31.41 - Photo, review

EcoSMART Lush Lawns Organic Lawn Food, Best Natural Fertilizer, 15 lb, new 2018, best price $31.41 review

EcoSMART Lush Lawns Organic Lawn Food, Best Natural Fertilizer, 15 lb Photo, new 2018, best price $31.41 review

EcoSMART Lush Lawns Organic Lawn Food, Best Natural Fertilizer, 15 lb Photo

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EcoSMART Lush Lawns Organic Lawn Food, Best Natural Fertilizer, 15 lb description and characteristics:

Lush Lawns Organic Lawn Food

This all natural lawn food is made in the United States and promotes healthy grass while being completely safe to be used around children and pets.


The EcoSMART Difference

  • EcoSMART is the world’s leading producer of organic pesticides and the only U.S. Supplier with a complete line of EPA exempt (25-b) products. All EcoSMART products are made from patented blended of essential plant oils, and have been extensively tested at many of the nation’s leading universities and independent research laboratories.
  • All EcoSMART pesticides are child-safe and pet-safe…and contain pictures of children and pets on their labels.
  • EcoSMART’s proprietary formulas are as effective as traditional synthetic pesticides but completely safe for people, pets and the environment.
  • Patented technology kills fast; and is based on natural defenses that plants and trees use to protect themselves from insects and disease.

The Secret Behind the Science How EcoSMART Products Work

  • Scientists have long known that plants produce the compounds called essential oils that provide natural defenses against insects and disease.
  • Through years of research and development, EcoSMART scientists have identified and blended these natural compounds to create a line of highly effective, organic pesticides.
  • EcoSMART’s patented blends of essential plant oils work by blocking specific neural pathways called Octopamine receptors…that only exist in insects.
  • This causes immediate “know-down,” followed rapidly by the insect’s death. EcoSMART’s botanical formulas also have strong repellency characteristics, keeping new bugs out of the treated area.
  • Mammals, birds and fish do not have receptors for Octopamine, so EcoSMART pesticides have no adverse effect on them.

The EcoSMART Success Story

EcoSMART is now the fastest growing pesticide brand in the United States. Here’s why…

  1. EcoSMART is The Safe Pesticide Brand, offering consumers a completely safe alternative at a time when concerns about pesticide safety have never been higher.
  2. EcoSMART is the only major supplier that is 100% committed to safe and natural pesticide alternatives. That’s all we do, while our competitors are primarily known for and focused on their synthetic pesticides brands.
  3. EcoSMART products are supported with aggressive consumer branding activities including traditional media advertising, internet marketing and social media. As the word spreads, demand for EcoSMART safe pesticides will continue to grow.
  4. EcoSMART products are as effective as traditional synthetic pesticides. Our technology has been proven effective in the highly demanding commercial, professional and agricultural markets for the past fifteen years.

All EcoSMART pesticides are child-safe and pet-safe!

  • 100% organic lawn food using all natural ingridents so it smells fresh and natural, unlike other harsh chemical products
  • EcoSMART is non-toxic so you can feel confident using this safe formula around children and pets unlike other lawn care products
  • Promotes deep, healthy root structure and greener, fuller lawns so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors
  • It is phosphate free with no animal by-products, manure or bio-waste materials and all made in the USA
  • Take chemicals completely out of your lawn, garden, and home equation with EcoSMARTs all natural, strong insecticides, pesticides, bug spray and more

EcoSMART Lush Lawns Organic Lawn Food, Best Natural Fertilizer, 15 lb, new 2018, best price $31.41 review

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