30 seeds bitter gourd seeds, Chinese Bitter Gourd, new 2018, best price $2.00 - Photo, review

30 seeds bitter gourd seeds, Chinese Bitter Gourd, new 2018, best price $2.00 review

30 seeds bitter gourd seeds, Chinese Bitter Gourd Photo, new 2018, best price $2.00 review

30 seeds bitter gourd seeds, Chinese Bitter Gourd Photo

$2.00 buy now!

30 seeds bitter gourd seeds, Chinese Bitter Gourd description and characteristics:

Bitter melon is a long, thin, warted melon shaped like a cucumber that is originally from Asia. As indicated by the name, it has a bitter taste and is usually used in stir-fry or soup. The bitter melon grows only in the warmest regions of the United States, where the temperature never drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. From seed, it takes about 75 days to mature, and fruits must be harvested every day to prevent them from growing too big. With some knowledge and the right location you can grow your own bitter melon from seed.,br>How to Grow
1. Soak the bitter melon seeds in water for 48 hours before you plant them. This will start the seedlings and soften them for planting.
2. Choose an area with well-drained, loamy soil. Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep when the temperatures are consistently above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Work a fertilizer high in phosphorus into the soil before planting.
3. Keep the soil consistently moist throughout the growing season. The bitter melon needs lots of water to thrive. Place a 2-to-3-inch layer of mulch around the base of the plant once it has sprouted to retain moisture around the plant's roots and prevent weeds.
4. Provide a trellis support and train the bitter melon vines towards it. This will keep the vines and fruit up off the ground, protecting them from pests and rotting.
5. Fertilize with nitrogen after the plant has been in the ground for 30 days and then after 60 days as well. This will keep the vines growing strong.
  • Bitter gourd seeds of Thailand
  • Quantity : 30 Seeds
  • Explred Date : At least 1 year
  • Made in Thailand
  • Non-GMO

30 seeds bitter gourd seeds, Chinese Bitter Gourd, new 2018, best price $2.00 review

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