100 Organic Gandules, Pigeon Peas seeds by Prorganics, new 2018, best price $3.10 - Photo, review

100 Organic Gandules, Pigeon Peas seeds by Prorganics, new 2018, best price $3.10 review

100 Organic Gandules, Pigeon Peas seeds by Prorganics Photo, new 2018, best price $3.10 review

100 Organic Gandules, Pigeon Peas seeds by Prorganics Photo

$3.10 buy now!

100 Organic Gandules, Pigeon Peas seeds by Prorganics description and characteristics:

100 Organic Gandules or Pigeon Peas by Prorganics PLUS FREE GIFT. Harvested on 2016 and their germination % is 87. Harvested in our small farm in Puerto Rico. Seeds don't have any chemical modification. The Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Indicus) originated in the Indian subcontinent. Pigeon Peas are actually a bean. However, they are called peas due to their small size and shape. These beans are about 1/4 round, beige color with light brown speckles. The Pigeon Pea has a pungent flavor and mealy texture. Some color fades after beans have been cooked. They are also known as Toor Dal, Caja Pea, Congo Pea, Gandule and Goongoo pea. In the U.S., they are very popular in the south. They grown in long, twisted, fuzzy pods. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Germination - For germination we recommend Prorganics Promix; this is a professional mixed formula created to help you start it right with your seeds, please take a look in our store and you will find more information related to Prorganics Promix and other products. Roots and Aeration - For better roots development we recommend Prorganics Coconut Coir with Perlite that is ready to use right out of the bag and your plants will have the best aeration possible for their roots. Better roots, better plant. Fertilizer - To keep your plants healthy we recommend Prorganics 14-14-14 slow release with Osmocote (4 months supply). This is a professional formula created to make your life more easy and it's made in USA. (Quality really matters) Shipping world wide to anywhere that USPS ships.
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100 Organic Gandules, Pigeon Peas seeds by Prorganics, new 2018, best price $3.10 review

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