Black Radish Seed, new 2018, best price $7.95 - Photo, review

Black Radish Seed, new 2018, best price $7.95 review

Black Radish Seed Photo, new 2018, best price $7.95 review

Black Radish Seed Photo

$7.95 buy now!

Black Radish Seed description and characteristics:

Try some black radish grated and dressed with oil and vinegar a real delicacy.
  • Excellent for fall crops
  • Ready in 70 days
  • Packet contains 100 plus seeds
  • Stores well into winter,try some grated with onion with a vinegar dressing for an Eastern European delicacy
  • Hierloom dating back to the 1700s

Black Radish Seed, new 2018, best price $7.95 review

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