Park Seed Gourmet Radish Seed Tape Collection, new 2018, best price $9.95 - Photo, review

Park Seed Gourmet Radish Seed Tape Collection, new 2018, best price $9.95 review

Park Seed Gourmet Radish Seed Tape Collection Photo, new 2018, best price $9.95 review

Park Seed Gourmet Radish Seed Tape Collection Photo

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Park Seed Gourmet Radish Seed Tape Collection description and characteristics:

Radishes are coming into their own at last on American tables, and that's great news for gardeners! No vegetable is quicker to grow, and with easy-to-sow seed tape, you can sow straight rows and pretty designs in seconds in the vegetable patch or parterre! This mix contains 3 different varieties you will love! Here's more about each type of radish in this collection: Starburst - 60 days. A Chinese variety with roots as big as tangerines and as bright red (within the creamy white skin) as watermelons! Great for pickling as well as fresh eating, they reach 2 to 2 in diameter, maturing slowly. Very disease resistant. French Breakfast - 27 days. A unique carrot-like shape and rosy-pink color accented with a white tip! Gourmet mild-tasting, sweet, crisp bite. Matures very early and demonstrates thick, lush foliage. Roxanne 27 days. AAS Winner. Charming little round 1-inch fruits are ready to eat in less than 3 weeks, but will hold a long time with no loss of flavor! Adaptable to a huge range of climates, this is the tastiest and most gardenworthy radish yet! These seeds are evenly spaced between sheets of biodegradable tissue paper, so you simply lay the tape onto the smooth soil, cover with a little more soil, and water in. Done -- in seconds! Seed tapes are the easiest and most successful way we know to direct-sow seeds. Not only do they make sowing straight rows and patterns a breeze, but they also help keep the seeds from washing away in strong rains or being eaten by birds. Just cut the tape to desired length, and off you go! Site the tapes in full sun and well-drained, well-worked soil (so the radishes grow round and true). You'll be harvesting in no time! Contains 15 feet of seed tape.

Park Seed Gourmet Radish Seed Tape Collection, new 2018, best price $9.95 review

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