Crimson Clover Seeds, 1 Pound, new 2018, best price $9.55 - Photo, review

Crimson Clover Seeds, 1 Pound, new 2018, best price $9.55 review

Crimson Clover Seeds, 1 Pound Photo, new 2018, best price $9.55 review

Crimson Clover Seeds, 1 Pound Photo

$9.55 buy now!

Crimson Clover Seeds, 1 Pound description and characteristics:

Crimson Clover Seeds, Beautiful and useful! This hardy annual is a great nitrogen fixer. Crimson clover needs fairly well-drained soil that is not too acid and has good phosphorous levels. If overwintered, it will be 45cm (18") tall, with crimson flowers the next June. Use 15 to 20 lbs per acre; (open pollinated seeds). Crimson Clover is a non-invasive annual that can help enhance your soil and attract pollinators to the garden or meadow. Gorgeous on its own or paired with other wildflowers.
  • Beautiful Crimson flowers, rapid establishment, easy to grow.
  • Popular forage plant for cattle, horses and wildlife
  • Grows well in heavier, well-drained soils - avoid dry and sandy soils
  • Strawberry-red blooms add fun color to any meadow
  • 1 Pound can cover 1000 square feet

Crimson Clover Seeds, 1 Pound, new 2018, best price $9.55 review

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