Curious Gardener 3 Piece Garden Tool Set, new 2019, best price $10.99 - Photo, review

Curious Gardener 3 Piece Garden Tool Set, new 2019, best price $10.99 review

Curious Gardener 3 Piece Garden Tool Set Photo, new 2019, best price $10.99 review

Curious Gardener 3 Piece Garden Tool Set Photo

$10.99 buy now!

Curious Gardener 3 Piece Garden Tool Set description and characteristics:

Get your kids really growing with the curious gardener 3Piece garden tool set! the set includes a kid-sized trowel, shovel & hand rake, the essential tools for any budding gardener. Designed with metal heads & soft touch grips, the tools are strong enough to get the job done but small & comfy enough for your child to easily use. With these tools, you can teach your child to garden right along side of you! teach them to break up hard soil to use for potting plants with the hand rake. Then, help them scoop dirt into seeding pots with the garden shovel. Finally, show your kids how to measure the seed depth with the trowel using the engrained measurements featured on the metal head! using the curious gardener 3-Piece garden tool set, your child will be growing their very own plants in no time!
  • Includes one shovel, trowel and rake
  • Lightweight design makes the tools easy for children to handle
  • Ergonomic handle for Small hands
  • Soft-touch grip handle
  • Tools feature metal head

Curious Gardener 3 Piece Garden Tool Set, new 2019, best price $10.99 review

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