Aquarium Peacock Moss (Taxiphyllum sp.) Photo, cultivation and description, characteristics and care

Aquarium Plants Peacock Moss (Taxiphyllum sp.), Green

Latin name: Taxiphyllum sp.

Photo Aquarium Plants Peacock Moss (Taxiphyllum sp.), Green

Aquarium Plants Peacock Moss (Taxiphyllum sp.) Photo

description and characteristics:

height of plantUp To 10 Cm
type of plantFloating In The Water Column
leaf sizeSmall
kind of plantMosses
leaf formPlumose
habitatFreshwater Plants
form of plantSprawling
leaf colorGreen

Peacock Moss growing and care:

care levelEasy
light needsGrows In Any Light
soil fertilityno information
minimum aquarium sizeNot Less Than 20 Liters
placement in the aquariumMid-Ground, Foreground
temperature of waterNear 20°C

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catalog: Aquarium Aquatic Plants

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