Aquarium Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora) Photo, cultivation and description, characteristics and care

Aquarium Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora)

Latin name: Pocillopora

Photo Aquarium Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora), pink
Photo Aquarium Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora), light blue
light blue
Photo Aquarium Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora), purple
Photo Aquarium Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora), brown
Photo Aquarium Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora), green

Aquarium Cauliflower Coral (Pocillopora) Photo

description and characteristics:

maximum height30-50 cm
color of sea coralpurple, brown, green, light blue, pink
specieshard coral

Cauliflower Coral growing and care:

compatibility with marine invertscompatible
compatibility with plantscompatible
compatibility with fishescompatible
temperature of waternear 25°c
care levelfor the experienced aquarist
minimum aquarium sizenot less than 200 liters
type of aquariumclosed

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