Aquarium Bulb Anemone (Actinia equina) Photo, cultivation and description, characteristics and care

Aquarium Bulb Anemone (Actinia equina)

Latin name: Actinia equina

Photo Aquarium Bulb Anemone (Actinia equina), spotted
Photo Aquarium Bulb Anemone (Actinia equina), red

Aquarium Bulb Anemone (Actinia equina) Photo

description and characteristics:

color of marine invertspotted, red
maximum size5-10 cm

Bulb Anemone growing and care:

reef compatiblecompatible
compatibility with plantscompatible
compatibility with fishescompatible
type of aquariumopen, close
minimum aquarium sizenot less than 50 liters
care leveleasy
temperature of water15-20°c

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catalog: Aquarium Sea Invertebrates

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