House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia) Photo, cultivation and description, characteristics and growing

House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia)

Latin name: Rebutia

Photo House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia), pink
Photo House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia), orange
Photo House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia), yellow
Photo House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia), red
Photo House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia), lilac
Photo House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia), white

House Plants Crown Cactus (Rebutia) Photo

description and characteristics:

form of succulent or cactusspherical
plant typesdesert cactus
plant height (cm)lower 30 cm
flower colorlilac, pink, yellow, orange, red, white
timing of floweringspring
plant colorgreen

Indoor Plants Crown Cactus growing, cultivation and care:

growing complexityundemanding
light needsfull sun
frequency of wateringrare
air humiditydry
location of cactus or succulentsouth window

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