Pygmy (Cherub) Angelfish (Centropyge argi) Photo, cultivation and description, characteristics and care

Pygmy (Cherub) Angelfish (Centropyge argi), Blue

Latin name: Centropyge argi

Photo Pygmy (Cherub) Angelfish (Centropyge argi), Blue

Pygmy (Cherub) Angelfish (Centropyge argi) Photo

description and characteristics:

habitatMarine Fish (Sea Water)
length of fishUp To 5 Cm
color of fishBlue
body shape of fishOval
familyno information

Pygmy (Cherub) Angelfish growing and care:

compatibilityWith Any Peaceful Fish
care levelEasy
layers of habitat in the aquariumMiddle Layer, Bottom Layer
light needsScattered
temperature of waterNear 25°C
type of aquariumClose
minimum aquarium sizeNot Less Than 100 Liters
bottom type in the aquariumCoralreef

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