Apples grade Moskovskoe ozherele (Kh-2) Photo, cultivation and description, characteristics and growing

Apples grade Moskovskoe ozherele (Kh-2)

Photo Apples grade Moskovskoe ozherele (Kh-2)

Apples grade Moskovskoe ozherele (Kh-2) Photo

description and characteristics:

the color of the rinddark-red
flesh coloryellow
keeping qualitymedium
the size of the fruitbig (more 200 g)
coma typecolumnar
the shape of the fruitrounded

Moskovskoe ozherele (Kh-2) growing, cultivation and care:

ripening periodwinter, early
fruiting ageless 5 years

You can buy Apples grade Moskovskoe ozherele (Kh-2) in online stores (seed and seedlings).

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