Белмаш СДМП-2200 circular saw

Белмаш СДМП-2200 circular saw Photo

Белмаш СДМП-2200 Photo

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circular saw Белмаш СДМП-2200 description and characteristics:

saw typecircular saw
number of speeds1.00
rotational speed (rev/min)2850.00
tilt angle (degrees)45.00
cutting height (mm)88.00


width (mm)801.00
depth (mm)801.00
height (mm)801.00
weight (kg)52.70
abutment surface, depth (mm)469.00
abutment surface, width (mm)469.00
bore diameter disc (mm)32.00
disk diameter (mm)250.00
engine power (W)2200.00
motor power (hp)200.00

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catalog: saw

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