saw Arges

Arges HDA1509 Photo and characteristics
Arges HDA1509 Photo
saw Arges HDA1509 characteristics
manufacturer: Arges
design: table saw
additional functions: spindle lock, connect the vacuum cleaner, dust collector, laser marker, engine braking
cutting height (mm): 85.00
tilt angle (degrees): 45.00
rotation angle (degrees): 45.00
disk diameter (mm): 255.00
metalworks: no
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Arges HDA610 Photo and characteristics
Arges HDA610 Photo
saw Arges HDA610 characteristics
manufacturer: Arges
design: hand saw
additional functions: spindle lock, laser marker
cutting height (mm): 65.00
tilt angle (degrees): 45.00
disk diameter (mm): 185.00
weight (kg): 5.40
metalworks: no
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saw Arges

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